LMPS Information protection policy applies to all LMPS activities. It includes Delivery, Support and Management processes. The Delivery process includes the following business lines:

  • Advisory: audit and consulting services including assessment and compliance activities among others;
  • Trust Technology: Integration of a wide range of cybersecurity technologies;
  • Cyber Academy: Cybersecurity Training and Awareness services;
  • Defensive Security: CyberSOC, Threat Intelligence and CERT services.

This policy specifies information protection during its lifecycle, from the collect or creation, classification, dissemination, retention, archiving and destruction.


LMPS classify information in 4 categories based on their confidentiality (“Strictly confidential, Restricted, Internal, Public”). Dedicated labels are used to mark and differentiate information or documents that falls in each category. This classification takes into account our clients and partners non-disclosure requirements.


LMPS provides relevant protection features for each information according to its classification. This allows to prevent any misusage during information collection, storage, handling, sharing, transit or access. Protection also covers the retention policy, and secure destruction of electronic and hardcopy of information media.


LMPS has documented clear information disclosure guidelines, that specify which information can be share and to whom. All these guidelines take into account any non-disclosure agreement between LPS and its clients or partners. Information related to audits or consulting activities, trust technology integrations, training and awareness sessions, as well as cyber-response, incidents or attacks reports, are protected according to their confidentiality and sensitiveness. LMPS may share some information for the purpose of its business activity, but without disclosing any sensitive detail that may break the Non-Disclosure Agreement. For example, details on reported incidents and attacks may be shared in security alerts, without disclosing any sensitive information form the entity that reported it.

In no occasion LMPS will disseminate or disclose any sensitive information without the prior consent of the client or partner who provided it.

LMPS Information Protection Policy is subject to change at LMPS’s discretion without notice. The changes will not affect any undergoing non-disclosure agreement.



LMPS Support Services applies to product and services provided by LMPS, as per the dedicated contract.

“Customer” refers to the entity that has ordered maintenance and support from LMPS.

To receive maintenance or support services from LMPS, Customer must: (i) have a signed LMPS Agreement including Maintenance & Support terms; (ii) have a signed maintenance order that specifies the Products, their applicable Support level, the elected Optional Service Enhancements (if any) and the rates (iii) have currently licensed and supported software versions and (iv) pay a maintenance and support fee.  Certain subscription-based services or software licenses include Premier Support specific to that type of software or product (Equipment and Software).

LMPS Support team members work normal business hours for the time zone in which they are based, with the default response time (unless otherwise stated). Premier support provides additional support hours of coverage and response times (remote and on-site) according to the dedicated agreement.

Customer shall designate contacts who will serve as primary contact between Customer and LMPS and who shall be the only persons authorized to interact with LMPS Support Services. Authorized contacts should ideally have an IT-related job role.

LMPS Product Support Policies are subject to change at LMPS’s discretion without notice.  LMPS’s policy changes will not result in a material reduction to the level of the services provided to Customer for supported products during the contracted support period (defined on a service order) for which fees for such support have been paid.

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