Cyberdéfense As a Service

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CERT & Emergency CyberResponse Team

Our team of cyber incident and emergency response professionals is dedicated to the security of your organization against cyber threats.

24/7 Incident Response Service

Your peace of mind is our priority. That's why we provide a dedicated hotline, available 24/7, for quick reporting of any security incidents. Our responsive team is ready to act immediately and coordinate an effective response.

Cyber Crisis Management

In the event of a major incident, our team is prepared to take charge of crisis management. We develop detailed action plans to minimize damage, coordinate response efforts, and ensure transparent communication with you and stakeholders to preserve the reputation of your organization.

Forensic Analysis

Our forensic analysis experts conduct thorough investigations to understand the origin and extent of security incidents. This information enables us to strengthen your defense and prevent future intrusion attempts.

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

We implement advanced malware analysis and reverse engineering techniques to understand the behavior of threats and develop effective countermeasures to neutralize them.

Collaboration with the FIRST Community

As an active member of the FIRST community, we maintain close relationships with other CERTs. This collaboration allows us to stay at the forefront of emerging threats and share best practices to strengthen our incident response.

Do not hesitate to reach out for further details or to discuss your specific needs in Cyberdefense.

Trust in our comprehensive Cyberdefense solution for a proactive and scalable approach to your Cybersecurity. Our team is resolute in safeguarding you from cyber threats and securing the confidentiality of your most sensitive data. We are deeply committed to our clients' security and prepared to face any challenges to provide you with tranquility. Our Business, Protecting Yours.