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Change Management & Awareness

Build a Strong Cybersecurity Culture

In a landscape marked by cybercrime, financial fraud, and social engineering attacks, trust in technology is put to the test. These attacks capitalize on our trust in our colleagues, processes, and infrastructure. To counter this threat, the continuous integration of cybersecurity within your organization is essential. These initiatives should be diverse, creative, aligned with your culture, and regularly evaluated.

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Key Benefits of the Offering


Enhancing resilience against current threats, such as APTs, BYOD implementation, social engineering, and ransomware.


Constant monitoring of the latest developments in cybersecurity to keep your teams informed.


A unique and engaging approach to raise awareness throughout your organization, focusing on specific cybersecurity-related risks.

Change Management & Awareness Services

Serious Games (Animated Content)

  • Transform security concepts into interactive and engaging animations.
  • Create storyboards and animated scenarios to illustrate real-life situations.
  • Adapt content to be understandable by all, including non-technical individuals.


  • Utilize impactful visual elements to raise awareness about essential cybersecurity topics.
  • Regularly update poster content to reflect the latest threats and attacks.
  • Cover various subjects, from password best practices to laptop security.

Top Management Awareness

  • Arrange special sessions with top management to raise their awareness about cybersecurity issues.
  • Assist in planning cybersecurity investments by highlighting strategic risks.
  • Raise leaders' awareness of their crucial role in promoting a cybersecurity culture.

Phishing Exercise Campaigns

  • Design and implement phishing campaigns to assess user vigilance.
  • Measure the success rate of phishing attacks to identify vulnerabilities in user vigilance.
  • Analyze responses to phishing attacks within different parts of the organization for targeted awareness

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Our experts are available to provide you with detailed information about our awareness and change management services. You can rely on our proactive and evolving approach to change user behavior and enhance their cybersecurity skills. Our team is passionate about solving complex cases and ready to tackle any challenge to promote a culture of cybersecurity. Our Mission, Protecting Yours.