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CyberSecurity On Demand

Cybersecurity Expertise On-Demand

No matter where you are in the development of your cybersecurity strategy, LMPS Group is here to provide 'Just in Time' expertise that will support your cybersecurity efforts.

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Key Benefits of Our Offering

With our 'Security On Demand' offer, you have the freedom to choose when and how you need our cybersecurity expertise. We adapt to your pace.

Supplement to Your Internal Team:

Enhance your internal team by partnering with an experienced cybersecurity expert. Benefit from our team's expertise to support yours.

Personalized Approach: 

You have full control to define the specific cybersecurity themes you want to entrust to us. This customization allows you to address your needs precisely.

Security On Demand Services

Risk Management

  • Development of a risk management methodology compliant with ISO 27005 and ISO 31000 standards, as well as the EBIOS RM method or others.
  • Identification of business requirements, assessment of cybersecurity risks, and risk mapping.

Information Classification

  • Identification and characterization of the sensitivity level of your data.
  • Establishment of a data processing policy based on their level of sensitivity and criticality.

CyberSecurity Policies

  • Development of a comprehensive security policy covering security issues, objectives, strategy, and security organization.
  • Creation of related security policies, procedures, guides, charters, and other cybersecurity documents.

Cybersecurity and Continuity Strategy

  • Development of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and a continuity strategy tailored to your needs.
  • Enhancement of resilience against threats and vulnerabilities, including in a Cloud environment.

CyberSecurity Dashboarding

  • Creation of operational, tactical, and strategic indicators to effectively manage cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management.
  • Clear visualization of security measures for better decision-making.

Cyber Incident and Crisis Management

  • Establishment of cybersecurity incident and crisis management processes, including incident detection, response, and resolution.
  • Proactive threat management for maximum responsiveness in crisis situations.

Compliance with National Cybersecurity Sovereignty Standards

  • Assistance with compliance with national requirements, including Laws.
  • Identification and securing of sensitive systems to meet current regulations, reducing vulnerabilities and legal risks

CISO / Consultant 'On Demand'

  • Providing a CISO or cybersecurity consultant as needed to strengthen your security.
  • Customized cybersecurity expertise based on your requirements and specific needs.

DPO 'On Demand'

  • Supplying a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure your organization's compliance with personal data protection regulations.
  • Assistance for effective compliance with data protection standards tailored to your business.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your specific Cybersecurity needs within our 'Security On Demand' offering.

Trust our proactive and adaptable approach to cybersecurity, with a team committed to protecting you against cyber threats and preserving the security of your sensitive data. We are passionate about our clients' security and ready to tackle any challenges to ensure your peace of mind. Our Business, Protecting Yours.