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Compliance Audit

Discover Security Excellence with Our Compliance Audits

LMPS Group is committed to providing a comprehensive compliance audit service, delving into a diverse range of cybersecurity standards and frameworks. Whether you are aiming for compliance with ISO 27001, DNSSI, PCI DSS, PCI 3DS, PA DSS, PCI PIN, ISO 22301, ISA-62443, WLA SCS, SWIFT CSP, or any other relevant standard, our experts guide you at every step of the process.

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Key Benefits of Our Offering

Notable International Standards:

Our security audits are based on renowned international standards, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of your cybersecurity posture.

Expert Certifications:

All our consultants are certified, ensuring high-level expertise for reliable results.

Holistic Security Approach:

Our audit approach covers all aspects of security, including people, processes, and technology, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Compliance Audit Services

ISO 27001: Information Security Assessment

ISO 27001 assessment for controlled risk management and unmatched information security.

Regulation & Law: Cybersecurity Assessment

Assessment compliant with the laws and regulations applicable in your sector, ensuring robust cybersecurity.

ISO 22301: Business Continuity Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of business continuity to ensure organizational stability.

PCI DSS: Payment Data Security Assessment

PCI DSS certification for optimal payment data security.

PCI 3DS: Online Transaction Security Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of online transaction security, enhancing customer trust.

PCI PIN: PIN Transaction Security Assessment

Assessment of PIN transaction security, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

Law & GDPR: Assessment of Data Privacyn

Assessment for optimal compliance with Laws and GDPR, preserving the fundamental rights of individuals.

SWIFT CSCF: Financial Transaction Security Assessment

Assessment to enhance financial transaction security in accordance with the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework.

ISA-62443: ICS and SCADA Security Assessment

Comprehensive assessment to ensure the security of industrial control systems against ICS/SCADA threats.

TISAX: Automotive Cybersecurity Evaluation

Evaluation to meet the crucial cybersecurity requirements in the automotive industry.

WLA SCS: Lottery Industry Security Assessment

Assessment in compliance with the security standards of the World Lottery Association, ensuring robust security in the lottery industry sector.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your specific compliance audit needs.

Trust in our cybersecurity expertise for a proactive and evolving approach to your compliance audit. Our team is committed to assisting you in protecting your sensitive data and ensuring your compliance with standards and regulations. We are passionate about ensuring our clients' security and ready to tackle any challenges for your peace of mind. Our Business, Protecting Yours.