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Digital Legal Investigation to Protect Your Business

When illegal actions aim to compromise the security of your system, cyberforensics becomes the essential tool for collecting, analyzing, and presenting crucial digital data in court. At LMPS Group, our cyberforensics experts master the art of uncovering digital truth, even in the face of attempts to erase traces.

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Key Benefits of Our Offering

Uncover Digital Truth:

Cyberforensics specialists to reveal the truth, even when wrongdoers attempt to conceal their actions.

Capitalized Experience:

Experience derived from numerous missions, combining expertise in fraud investigations and digital forensics.

Industry Versatility:

Diverse portfolio covering sectors such as financial institutions, automotive manufacturers, telecommunications, engineering, and industrial enterprises.

CyberForensic Services

Advanced CyberForensics

  • Deleted Data Recovery.
  • File and Communication Analysis.
  • Identification of Malicious Activities.
  • Event Timeline Reconstruction

Digital Fraud Investigation

  • Collection of Digital Evidence.
  • Analysis of Suspicious Transactions.
  • Tracking Fraud Perpetrators.
  • Preparation of Case Files for Courts.

Attack and Intrusion Management

  • Attack Analysis.
  • Identification of Intrusion Vectors.
  • Collection of Post-Intrusion Evidence.
  • Reports on the Consequences of the Attack.

Legal Testimony and Training Expertise

  • Expert Witness Testimony in Legal Proceedings.
  • Expert Report Preparation.
  • CyberForensic Training.
  • Awareness of Legal Procedures.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your specific CyberForensic needs.

Our experts are here to provide you with detailed information about our CyberForensic services. You can rely on our proactive and evolving approach to resolve critical digital investigations. Our team is passionate about solving complex cases and ready to tackle any challenge to ensure the integrity of your data and protect your interests. Our Mission, Protecting Yours.