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LMPS Group, a leader in Cybersecurity (ISO 27001/ISO 9001 certified) and a member of FIRST, is a qualified PASSI. We offer a complete range of services, from cybersecurity solutions engineering to training. LMPS Group is listed in SWIFT's CSP Assessment providers directory. Our accreditations in PCI QSA, PCI 3DS, and PCI PIN enhance our credibility. We provide audit services, consulting, Cyberdefense (CyberSOC), and the enhancement of human skills. Our Business, Protecting Yours

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LMPS Group, led by experienced partners in Cybersecurity, boasts a talented team with extensive international experience in consulting and auditing. Our experts combine their cybersecurity skills, project management proficiency, and specialized expertise to deliver exceptional value to our clients. Our team is passionate about safeguarding your digital assets and committed to assisting you in addressing cybersecurity challenges.

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Customer satisfaction is at the core of our missions at LMPS Group, and we are deeply grateful to our clients for the trust they place in us. We continually strive to earn their loyalty and demonstrate that their decision to work with us is a wise one.