LMPS Unveils Its 100% Sovereign MDR/XDR Cyberdefense Offering

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Aug. 1, 2023, 6:11 p.m.

LMPS Unveils Its 100% Sovereign MDR/XDR Cyberdefense Offering

The confinement, digital transformation, the intensification of remote working, and cyber wars... this unprecedented situation has marked a significant increase in the risks of cyber malice, thereby accelerating the awareness of the stakes both within companies and public organizations.

With its many years of experience, the leader specialized in cybersecurity professions, LMPS Group, will unveil its Cyberdefense offering during a day dedicated to cybersecurity. Numerous business leaders and professionals from all fields of activity are invited to this event. LMPS will thus expose the various risks related to cybersecurity and present its 100% Moroccan offer dedicated to companies and public organizations of all sizes, eager to deploy a complete and automated cyberdefense system.

Indeed, the last two years have been marked by an exponential growth in cyberattacks. The number of reports has even quadrupled. The consequences can be disastrous, and no sector is spared. Hence the necessity to implement measures for prevention and reinforcement of security. In Morocco, Law 05-20 on cybersecurity aims to establish a legal framework advocating a set of rules and security measures to ensure and strengthen the security and resilience of information systems of state administrations, territorial collectivities, public establishments and enterprises, and any other public legal entity of the state, as well as vital importance infrastructures with sensitive information systems.

As a "Cybersecurity one-stop-shop," LMPS has set up the first turnkey MDR "Managed Detection & Response" offering in Africa, hosted in Morocco and combining both technology and local resources. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, the solution does not require cybersecurity expertise and addresses the shortage of highly qualified profiles in Cybersecurity.

The goal is to democratize access for all entities to cutting-edge XDR "Extended Detection & Response" cybersecurity platforms. "We are happy to contribute, on our modest scale, to the development of national sovereignty in the digital field. We are convinced that LMPS has a crucial role to play in raising user awareness and addressing the challenges of protecting data and infrastructures of organizations by using the best global technologies in cybersecurity, now available in Morocco through LMPS," says Amine Hilmi, CEO of LMPS Group